About Quantum Inks

Quantum goes in faster and brighter than any other pigment on the market today, a bold statement but one we firmly believe.

Users of all the the most popular current ink brands are rapidly switching to Quantum for that very reason.

Developed in collaboration with Artists Mario Daggett and the amazing Tom Berg who worked with film producers for “Red Dragon” and “Prison Break”.
Both artists now work proudly with Quantum Ink together with a tidal wave of enlightened notable artists worldwide.

Unlike most inks on the market Quantum Inks are manufactured with no additives and consist of the purest pigments that are not watered down, they have a non acrylic base to ensure they do not dry up whilst tattooing.

Quantum ink is currently going through CTL testing which is a time consuming process, some colours have already passed and are available to view on the website.

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