Quantum Tattoo Ink – Colour – 1oz – 78 Bottle Set

Basic Colours 78 Bottle Set


Quantum 78 Bottle Set

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Product Description

Set Contains: Agent Orange, Lilac, Candy Apple Red, Brown Stain, Pink Iguana, Bloody Mary, Royal Purple, Ra, Cesspool, Neptune, Uranus, Morpho, Orion, Osiris, Nnibiru Green, Derma Ttone, Milky Way, Outline, Jungle Juice, Red Light, Blood Moon, Gray Matter, Fuchsia, Moon Dust, Black Hole, Pink Carnation, Red Alert, Teal, Navy Blue, Indigo, Aqua Blue, Poppy Orange, Lime Green, Avocado, Red Rose, Green Iguana, Blue Room, Dove Gray, Sea Green, Turquoise, Red X, Red Wine, Caramel, Watermelon, Red Baron, Choco Blunt, Light Flesh, Papaya, Medium Flesh, Bubblegum Pink, Latte, Grape, Peachy, Pakalolo, Bumblebee Yellow, Tut’s Gold, Cchre, Lavender, Zombie, Deep Magenta, Blackberry, Grass Muppet, Golden Yellow, Nemesis Blue, Black Dynomite, Worm Hole, Toro Rosso, Artic Blue, Elnino Gray, Fortune Cookie, Sunset Blvd, Radberry, Barbados Blue, Bel Air Blue, Space Monkey ,Dark Ochre, Jamaican Mint

PLEASE NOTE The colours will be substituted with a similar shade if unavailable.

Brilliant Colors | Safe and Organic | Stunning Results
available in 1 oz bottles.

Please be aware that computer monitors can vary in their color display and produce some color variations. Our ink colors are of the highest quality but can look slightly different on various computers/monitors setups.


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