What are Quantum Tattoo Inks made of?

We, at Quantum Tattoo Ink, pride ourselves in the quality of our inks. We have always used the best quality ingredients, and we want to have full transparency with our customers, and their clients, about those ingredients.

Below is a breakdown of our ingredients, so you know exactly what goes into our inks.

Organic Pigment
We use natural pigments, sourced from the earth. None of our pigments ever come from animals.

Kosher Vegetable Glycerin
Kosher vegetable glycerin is a vegan, plant-based sugar alcohol. Glycerin is used to provide lubrication and as a humectant.

Ethyl Alcohol
Ethyl alcohol is a powerful antiseptic and disinfectant with antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Distilled Water
The distillation process removes all impurities and mineral deposits from the water.

Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Extract
Eucalyptus leaves are a traditional aboriginal herbal remedy, which is now used all over the world. The essential oil found in the leaves is a strong antiseptic with antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Thymol is derived from the herb, thyme. The derivative is a strong antiseptic with antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Menthol is derived from Mentha plants and is used for its fragrance. Menthol has slight analgesic properties.

What is the percentage of pigment in Quantum Tattoo Inks?

Most of our colors are 60% pigment, while other companies' tattoo inks are 50% or lower. The higher concentration of pigments means that our inks are brighter and more vibrant, which tattoo artists and collectors love.

What is Quantum Tattoo Ink's best black tattoo ink?

It's up to the artist to decide. We have some of the top tattoo artists around the world on our pro team, and each swears by a different Quantum black tattoo ink. Below is a list of our black inks, along with their pigment percentage, to help you decide which black may be best for you.

  • Assphalt - 55% pigment
  • Bitchin Black - 50% pigment
  • Black Dynomite - 60% pigment
  • Lining Black - 15% pigment
  • Sculpting Black - 60% pigment

Are Quantum Tattoo Inks vegan?

YES! Quantum Tattoo Inks have always been vegan. Our ink contains no animal products, and none of our ingredients or finished products are ever tested on animals.

Is Quantum Tattoo Ink compliant with European Union quality standards?

YES! Quantum Tattoo Inks are compliant with all EU quality standards, global health standards, and meet the requirements of the vegan community around the world.

Products and Services

What product do you recommend to dilute Quantum tattoo ink? 

  • We only recommend our Holy Water Mixing Solution for diluting Quantum Tattoo Inks.
  • Choose our Color Solution for mixing color inks or our Shading Solution for mixing black inks. These solutions will not affect the color or pigment of our inks.
  • We do not recommend any other products to dilute Quantum Tattoo Inks.

Do you offer a product that can help heal my fresh tattoo?

  • Yes! Quantum Aftercare is perfect for healing fresh tattoos. Our Quantum Aftercare product also makes an excellent skin moisturizer.
  • Like our other products, it is made from organic ingredients , including olive oil, rose hips, calendula, yarrow, cocoa butter, chamomile, rosemary, and beeswax.
  • These ingredients have antiseptic properties and are excellent for soothing, healing, and moisturizing.

What are the available bottle sizes for your tattoo ink?

  • Our tattoo ink is commonly available in 30 mL bottles. 
  • You may order larger bottles of some colors for a lower price per mL. Examples are Barry White (Opaque White Ink Tattoo available at 120 mL size) and the Bitchin Black Tattoo Ink available at 240 mL for huge savings. Make sure to check our entire lineup of individual bottle sizes.
  • There are select colors that are available in 20 mL bottles. Please check the list for products that can be purchased in this specific package size: 20ml Bottles - Quantum Tattoo EU.

How do you guarantee that the tattoo ink is safe? 

  • We do everythingwe can to ensure the safety of our tattoo ink.
  • We thoroughly test the pigments by working with veteran tattoo artists to ensure that the pigments don’t cause side effects during the development phase. 
  • None of our pigments ever leave our lab with quality issues.

Can I save by buying more colors in one purchase?

Yes! By buying either customizable or our fixed color sets, you can save at least €1.00 per bottle. 

You can save as much as 122.00 when you buy the 61 color Tattoo Ink Set.

Do you also sell cosmetic tattoo ink for permanent eyebrow tattoos?

You may visit Quantum Cosmetic Micro Pigments site - EU, where you can buy cosmetic tattoo ink for permanent eyebrows in sets or individual bottles.

Is vegan tattoo ink easy to remove?

Vegan tattoo ink is as permanent as regular non-vegan tattoo ink. The procedure used for tattoo removal can be done safely by professionals in the same way as traditional tattoo removal.

Do tattoos that use vegan Quantum tattoo inks fade faster?

Tattoos that use vegan tattoo ink fade at the same rate as those done with regular non-vegan tattoo ink. The high quality of our ink gives it a better chance of not fading as long as you take proper care of your tattoo. To keep your tattoo from fading, you can use our aftercare product and ensure that your tattoo has good sun protection.

Can I do metallic tattoos using Quantum Tattoo inks?

Metallic tattoo ink is not available on the market at this time. However, highly-skilled artists use standard color tattoo inks to achieve their customers' desired metallic look.

Are vegan tattoo inks more expensive?

Not necessarily. The price of our vegan tattoo inks is competitively priced against most of the high-quality inks on the market. You can save on each bottle of Quantum Tattoo Ink when you buy customizable sets instead of individual bottles.

What is meant by REACH-compliant?

European authorities passed the new REACH Regulations, which came into effect in January 2022 and banned several pigment chemicals.
Most colors were affected, predominantly yellow, green, and blue. Since some shades of grey contain these colors, some gray colors were also not available for a time.
Tattoo manufacturers now need to register the formula for each tattoo ink color to be REACH-compliant. In some cases, the formula needs to be reformulated to satisfy the REACH requirements. REACH-compliant tattoo ink colors also need to meet labeling regulations to distinguish compliant tattoo ink colors.
All REACH-compliant Quantum tattoo inks are under the REACH Gold Label branding.

Are there going to be more REACH compliant colors available for sale in Europe?

As of the first week of April 2022, there are 75 REACH-compliant colors available for sale under the REACH Gold Label branding.
Europe-based tattoo artists can check back regularly to check stock or learn about the availability of new colors. You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates.

Do vegan tattoo Inks contain metals?

Quantum Tattoo organic and vegan tattoo inks do not contain metals, at least not in traceable amounts.

Are vegan tattoo inks safe for more sensitive skin types?

Because Quantum organic and vegan tattoo inks don’t contain artificial chemicals or preservatives, our tattoo inks are comparatively safer than non-organic or non-vegan alternatives.
However, always communicate closely with your tattoo artist to ensure safe tattooing. The tattooing procedure involves breaking the skin; hence precautions are required to prevent infection.
We recommend using Quantum Tattoo Aftercare to for best results with healing fresh tattoos. It has ingredients that provide soothing, antiseptic, healing, and moisturizing properties.

Is vegan tattoo ink better overall?

Vegan tattoo ink is a better alternative overall, especially if it is made by a reputable tattoo ink manufacturer such as Quantum Tattoo Ink.
Quantum Tattoo Inks are also organic, meaning that they do not contain any artificial ingredients.
We also ensure the quality and safety of all the tattoo inks that come out of our lab.
Our Quantum Pro Team, composed of the best tattoo artists globally, prefers our vegan tattoo ink for its high-quality results.

Are Artist Series tattoo inks going to be available in Europe?

  • We have great news for tattoo artists who love the wide range of colors available in our artist series tattoo inks from Noa Yanni, and Arron Raw! 
  • TheNoa Yanni Dark Matter, and Arron Raw Skull & Bones Gray Wash collections are now EU REACH-approved and available in Europe! 
  • Some selected colors from the Jurgis Mikalauskas Sailor’s Grave and some black and white colors in the Noa Yanni Golden Wisdom series are now EU REACH-compliant.
  • You can follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates.
  • If you have problems with availability, please contact us, and we will be happy to answer any questions about our products.


To make the perfect gray wash using black tattoo inks, what can I thin tattoo ink with?


Is taking care of tattoos going to be different between having a color tattoo and a black and gray tattoo?

    • Tattoo aftercare guidelines don’t differ whether you have a color tattoo or a black and gray tattoo.

    • To ensure your tattoo heals as it should use Quantum Tattoo Aftercare. This product is made from organic ingredients which soothe and moisturizes your skin while also having the added benefit of helping your tattoo last longer.


What is the benefit of using Quantum Gray Wash products?

    • Tattoo artists can achieve even more detailed black and gray tattoos by using Quantum Tattoo Ink Gray Wash products.

    • They no longer have to mix inks to achieve a variety of shades of gray.

    • For artists who still want to mix their own custom gray was, our clear Holy Water Mixing Solution is available to help add even more detail, dimension, and depth without compromising the color.

How can I be sure that Quantum Tattoo Inks are sanitized?

    • Quantum Tattoo organic and vegan tattoo inks are sanitized through a gamma radiation process.

    • This process uses electromagnetic radiation at extremely high frequencies and amplitude to kill all living bacteria and microorganisms throughout the product and packaging.

    • For more details on gamma radiation, the bacteria test result, and compliance certification, visit this page.

Are gray wash tattoo ink products available in REACH Compliant formulas?

  • Yes! We have seven individual gray wash tattoo ink products in various shades that are already REACH Compliant.

  •  For Quantum Gray Wash, we have the following products available:

            -   Quantum Gray Wash-1: Light
            -   Quantum Gray Wash-2: Medium
            -   Quantum Gray Wash-3: Dark

  • For more subtle and precise colors, we also have the Revenge of the Sith Gray wash that is also REACH Compliant.

           - Revenge of the Sith Gray Wash-1: Vader - Ultra Light

           - Revenge of the Sith Gray Wash-2: Maul - Light

           - Revenge of the Sith Gray Wash-3: Dooku - Medium

           - Revenge of the Sith Gray Wash-4: Sidious - Dark

  • These colors are also available in gray wash tattoo ink sets.

What makes Quantum gray tattoo ink products the best choice for tattoo artists in Europe?

  • Quantum tattoo ink provides some of the safest gray tattoo inks for Europe.

  • We offer gray tattoo ink choices on our EU website that are REACH Compliant. 
  •  Currently, we have a growing list that includes at least ten gray tattoo inks that conform to REACH regulations.

Are the best Quantum black tattoo ink selections already REACH Compliant?

  • We have good news for Europe-based tattoo artists. The best black tattoo ink selections that you love are now available in REACH Compliant formulas. 

  • These Gold Label black tattoo ink products are available individually:

Does Quantum have any white tattoo ink that is REACH Compliant?

  • Quantum Tattoo Ink ensures that European tattoo artists have the best tattoo inks available to satisfy the strict EU REACH requirements. Today, Quantum has the following white tattoo ink products available in the EU REACH Compliant Gold Label line of products:

How can European tattoo artists ensure that the tattoo ink they purchased from Quantum is safe?

  • There are several ways tattoo artists can be assured of the safety of their tattoo ink:

  • Look for the Gold Label. Any tattoo ink marketed under the Gold Label brand satisfies the strict requirements established by EU REACH guidelines.

  • Tattoo artists can also download the safety data sheet available in all applicable European languages.