Quantum Road Crew

Check out the best artists who use our tattoo ink

Some of the top tattoo artists in the world use Quantum Tattoo Ink!  At Quantum, we lovingly refer to our Pro-Team artists as our “Road Crew” because they are the ones out in the field, in tattoo studios, and at tattoo conventions sharing their love for our high-quality, vegan tattoo inks with the public.  


These artists work exclusively with Quantum Tattoo Ink to ensure that their black and gray work is done with the sharpest, boldest, cleanest black tattoo ink and their color work includes only the most vibrant and long-lasting color tattoo ink available.


Our Road Crew represents a wide variety of styles including traditional and old school tattoo, neo-traditional tattoo, tribal tattoo, watercolor tattoo, blackwork tattoo, black and gray tattoo, realism tattoo, surrealism tattoo, expressionism tattoo, and trash polka tattoo, among others.  


We are very proud to call these highly skilled tattoo artists our Quantum Tattoo Ink Road Crew! Check out the links for more information about each tattoo artist.  On their page you can see some of their art, or even better, book a session with them!


Keep an eye on our social channels to see which conventions we will be attending for a chance to meet our Road Crew, or see our products, in person!

Alina Gokk

Neo Traditional Tattoo Artist in St. Petersburg, Russia

Arron Raw

Dark Black & Gray Tattoo Artist in Manchester, England, UK

Hyeongho Jackson Choi

Realism Tattoo Artist in Busan, South Korea

Julia Tesl

Color Realism Tattoo Artist in Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Jurgis Mikalauskas

Color Realism Tattoo Artist in Peterborough, UK & Vilnius, Lithuania

Lisa Ammer

Black, Gray & Subtle Color Tattoo Artist in Wien, Austria

Noa Yanni

Black & Gray Realism Tattoo Artist in Tuscany, Italy

Rinat Mingazdinov

Realism Tattoo Artist in Tomsk, Russia

Steve Foster

Realism, Fantasy, Biomechanic, and Cover-Up Tattoo Artist in Vienna Austria

Lokesh Verma

Color Portrait and Realism Tattoo Artist in Delhi, India

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