The Best Artist in Russia using Quantum Tattoo Ink

Rinat Tattarin Tattoo Artist

One of the best tattoo artists in Russia is Quantum Pro Team member, Rinat Mingazdinov, or as most people know him in Instagram @rinattattarin.  When he is not touring and winning awards at conventions around the world, he can be found at the best tattoo studio in Tomsk, Russia, Module Tattoo.   He has been tattooing since 2008.  

Rinat Tattarin Tattoo ink

Why Rinat Chose Quantum Tattoo Ink

Rinat specializes in realism and works in both the black and gray and color realism styles.   He has a passion for beauty and art, so it is no wonder that Quantum Tattoo Ink is Rinat’s tattoo ink of choice.  We also suspect he gets a kick out of our product names because he values humor and love for life. 

Rinat Tattarin Tattoo ink