The Best Artist in India using Quantum Tattoo Ink

How they started Tattooing

Shyam Waghmare, or as he is known on Instagram @shivakakalakar, is a tattoo artist from Mumbai, India.


Shyam’s path to tattooing was an unconventional one.  Growing up in Mumbai, where he says, “art is luxury and making survival for daily essentials is first priority,” he originally trained in jewelry design when his father passed away and he had to provide for his family. However, sketching and drawing has always been his passion.  It was not long before he met a friend who was tattooing. The friend sold Shyam a tattoo machine and he started tattooing without training. 


The turning point in his career was when he reached out to Micky Malani, one of the founders of BodyCanvas, and asked to train here. There he got formal tattoo training and started working with the latest state of the art equipment and the rest is tattoo history.

Tattoo Style best known for:

Shyam has been tattooing at BodyCanvas, where he received his formal training over 12 year ago. When he is not at BodyCanvas, he can be found tattooing at and learning from international conventions. He is known for his exceptional work on brown skin and his Shiva tattoo designs. Shyam has an excellent command for the black and gray style and for geometrical shapes and mandalas. 

Why Shyam Chose Quantum Tattoo Ink

Shyam has a zeal for learning and a passion for encouraging other artists to put their heart into what they do and to be authentic. It is this passion for authenticity that makes Quantum Tattoo Inks his ink of choice.