The Best Artist in Taiwan using Quantum Tattoo Ink

Awei Chen (you may know him as @aweichen666_tattoo on Instagram) is an accomplished tattoo artist and one of the esteemed directors at ROSZIE INK, a prominent studio nestled in the vibrant city of Taichung, Taiwan. When he is not in his studio, he can be seen traveling to conventions and popping up at guest spots in tattoo studios around the world. 

Tattoo Style best known for:

Having discovered their love for tattoos at a young age, Awei embarked on his journey in the tattoo industry at the tender age of 17. Since then, he has honed his skills, in the dark realism style he is known for.  Although he sometimes uses splashes of color, black and gray is his forte. Tattooing is not just a profession for Awei; it's a way of life and tattoo culture is an integral part of his identity.

Why Awei Chose Quantum Tattoo Ink

Awei was originally drawn to Quantum by the irreverent color names.  “I think Quantum has interesting ways of naming colors, and they're very good at work. So I'm honored to be Quantum Pro Team!