How To Choose the Best Tattoo Needle Cartridge

How To Choose the Best Tattoo Needle Cartridge

Jan 10th 2023

Tattoo Needle Cartridge

With tattoo needle cartridges becoming increasingly popular, artists no longer have to have multiple setups to achieve beautiful results. However, with all the tattoo cartridges available on the market, how do you make sure that you are choosing the best tattoo needle cartridges for your specific needs? There are 5 main points you should consider before purchasing tattoo needle cartridges.

Make Sure You Are Choosing High-Quality Tattoo Cartridge Needles and Well Constructed Tattoo Cartridges

The best tattoo cartridges will be made from high-quality steel and should be ultra-sharp. This will ensure precision, accuracy, and safety when creating tattoos. The needles in the tattoo cartridge should be free from imperfections or bends. You should also make sure that the tattoo cartridges hold the needles securely and that the needles line up evenly and are well-soldered. The last thing you need is a needle coming loose while you are inking a client. The cartridge itself should be made from high-quality materials that reduce friction. 

Pay Attention to the Tip of the Tattoo Needle Cartridge

Tattoo Needle Cartridge

Whether an artist chooses an open or closed tip can be up to both personal preference and the style of tattoo that they are doing. Artists that work with colorful designs and switch colors often may prefer open tips. That is because open tips are sometimes easier to clean, making changing tattoo ink colors a little easier on artists.

However, many artists prefer the added stability that a closed tip can offer. Additionally, closed tips can hold a larger quantity of ink and provide a steadier flow. For these reasons, artists working in strictly black and gray often prefer the convenience of closed-tip tattoo needle cartridges. While they are preferred cartridges when using just black tattoo ink or gray wash for black and gray work and shading, many artists that use color also choose closed tips for stability. 

Check the Tattoo Needle Cartridge for Backflow

To prevent the need for frequent refills, tattoo needle cartridges are designed to hold ink inside of them. However, with some needle cartridges, a small amount of ink can flow back into the machine. This backflow can cause cross-contamination between clients that can lead to infection or the spread of diseases including Hepatitis and HIV.

To keep their clients safe, artists should only choose cartridges with a mechanism in place to prevent backflow. Backflow can be prevented with a small rubber valve that acts as a seal between the cartridge and the device. Always test for backflow by putting a few drops of water in the cartridge and then pressing the stem down onto a tissue or paper towel. The surface should remain dry without any water leaking out from the stem. 

Make Sure That the Tattoo Needle Cartridges Come Pre-Sterilized

Tattoo Needle Cartridges

With all the information available about tattoo safety, it is not up for dispute that there are risks associated with tattooing. As any reputable tattoo artist knows, only sterile needles should be used for tattooing. Good tattoo needle cartridges should save an artist time and make their work easier. They should not be adding extra steps, like autoclaving, to your routine. That is why it is important to choose tattoo cartridges that come pre-sterilized and individually packaged. 

The tattoo needle cartridges that you choose should come individually packaged. They should have a lot number and expiration date and be labeled as “Sterile”. Make sure to keep the lot number and expiration date for your records. 

Check the Tattoo Needle Cartridges for Compatibility With Your Tattoo Machine

You should not have to buy a whole new machine just because you are changing the brand of tattoo cartridges that you use. While most brands of needles have a “universal fit” for rotary machines, the fit can differ slightly from brand to brand. Purchasing one box to test the fit is a great way to try out new cartridge needles without making a major investment. Additionally, if you want to use cartridges with a coil machine, you will need an adapter.

Why Quantum Tattoo Needle Cartridges Are the Best Tattoo Cartridges on the Market

We understand that tattoo artists with deep knowledge of tattoos and a passion for client safety are the best positioned to tell us what they want from a tattoo needle cartridge. We listened and developed Quantum Tattoo Cartridges hand in hand with industry-leading tattoo artists. Our goal was twofold. Our first goal was to develop tattoo needle cartridges that meet the same rigorous safety standards that Quantum Tattoo Inks are known for. Of equal importance was to develop a product that is comfortable and easy for artists to use that creates perfect lines and gorgeous shading with smooth ink flow for even deposit. These are a few of the features that make our tattoo needle cartridges exceptional: 

Quantum Tattoo Cartridges

Made With High-Quality Materials: Quantum Tattoo Cartridge needles are ultra sharp and made with the highest-quality Japanese steel.

Superior Construction: Quantum Tattoo Cartridges have a unique stabilizing system, made from medical plastic, to reduce friction between the needle and housing. This provides both a quieter experience and more precise results.

Closed Tip for Stability: We worked with tattoo artists to develop the Quantum Tattoo Cartridge closed tip system. While switching colors may take an extra second or two, you will save time with fewer refills. The added stability is well worth the effort.

Backflow Prevention: Quantum Tattoo Cartridges keep your clients safe and your machine in tip-top shape with our special backflow prevention valve. You will never have to worry about cross-contamination.

Sterile and Individually Sealed: Each Quantum Tattoo Cartridge is sterile and comes individually wrapped to ensure the utmost safety for your clients. They can watch you open it right in front of them.

Compatible With Your Machine: Quantum Tattoo Cartridges are universally compatible with most rotary machines including the most popular and trusted brands. You won’t have to invest in a whole new machine to use our tattoo needle cartridges.

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