The Facts About Vegan Tattoo Inks

The Facts About Vegan Tattoo Inks

Jan 4th 2022

Over 2.6 million Europeans now consider themselves vegan with another 8% of the European population saying that they want to adopt a vegan lifestyle in the future. Because we understand that you shouldn’t have to give up the tattoos that make you unique in order to live a vegan lifestyle, at Quantum Tattoo Ink we pride ourselves on the fact that all of our tattoo inks are vegan and cruelty-free. Whether you are living a vegan lifestyle or just looking for a natural mineral and plant-based tattoo ink, our line of products will ensure that you have only the highest quality ingredients in your tattoo ink.

What is vegan tattoo ink made of?

This is probably one of the most common questions we get about our vegan tattoo ink. However, the real question is “What is vegan ink NOT made of?” Unlike most commercially available tattoo inks that use ingredients that come from animals, we use natural plant and mineral-based ingredients. When choosing a tattoo ink, keep an eye out for these non-vegan animal products on the ingredient list:

Gelatin: Gelatin is a substance created by boiling pig or cow bones, skin, hooves, ligaments, and tendons in water. This results in a protein called collagen that can serve as a binder to hold tattoo ink together. We do not use gelatin as a binder.

Shellac: While shellac is mostly made up of tree sap that has been ingested by a lac beetle and then excreted, up to 25% of shellac is made up of what the industry calls “insect debris” or beetle parts. After gelatin, shellac is the most common binding agent in tattoo ink. Quantum tattoo inks do not contain any shellac.

Bone Char: Bone char is made by charring animal bones and horns. This ingredient is commonly used to give black tattoo ink its color. However, at Quantum we use pigments made with materials sourced from the earth, never from animal bones.

Glycerin: Glycerin is a substance that can be derived from either plants or beef fat (tallow). It acts as a humectant and provides lubrication during the tattoo process. Quantum is proud to use only plant-derived kosher glycerin.

We are proud to publicly share our INGREDIENT INFO .  More specific information about the pigments and ingredients for each tattoo ink can be found in the MSDS INFORMATION

Are vegan tattoo inks safe?

Of course! All of our vegan tattoo inks go through rigorous testing. Additionally, our shellac-free products are safe for people who have SHELLAC ALLERGIES. It can help avoid both contact dermatitis and cheilitis caused by shellac allergies.

Is vegan tattoo ink easy to remove?

Vegan tattoo ink is just as permanent as traditional tattoo ink. TATTOO REMOVAL for tattoos done with vegan tattoo ink can be done safely by a professional in the exact same way as traditional tattoos.

Does vegan tattoo ink fade faster?

Vegan tattoo ink fades at the same rate as non-vegan tattoo ink. Regardless of the type of ink you use, what really matters when it comes to fading is the quality of the ingredients being used and how you care for your tattoo once you have it. Make sure to use a GREAT AFTERCARE PRODUCT  and good sun protection to keep your tattoo from fading.

Is vegan tattoo ink more expensive?

Not necessarily. While some ink manufacturers take advantage of the fact that they are vegan to charge a premium, Quantum vegan tattoo inks are comparably priced to most high-quality inks on the market. Your love of cruelty-free and vegan products will not cost you extra here! You can save even more when you create your own CUSTOMIZABLE SET and add your favorite tattoo ink colors!

Where can I buy vegan tattoo ink in Europe or the UK?

With a new  WEBSITE for convenient shipping right from the EU, we have made it easier and more affordable than ever to order Quantum Tattoo Ink online! From BITCHIN BLACK to BRIGHT, VIBRANT TATTOO INK COLOR SETS,  we have every color a tattoo artist can imagine. We even have pre-blended GRAY WASHES and custom Artist Series tattoo ink colors developed in collaboration with famous names like Italian tattoo artist NOA YANNI,  British tattoo artist ARRON RAW and UK based Lithuanian tattoo artist JURGIS MIKALAUSKAS.  

Plus, our tattoo inks created in collaboration with SEA SHEPHERD are perfect for any animal-lover who wants to do their part to protect marine life and habitats. A portion of all proceeds from our Sea Shepherd line of products goes to their conservation efforts worldwide including in those in Europe!

Whether you are a vegan tattoo artist or want to cater to vegan tattoo clients, Quantum Tattoo Ink is your source for safe, high-quality, reliable vegan tattoo ink.