High Maintenance

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High Maintenance is a rich, deep tone, somewhat muted red, leaning slightly towards a burgundy.

Meet Quantum EU REACH Gold Label Tattoo Inks 'High Maintenance,' the ink that demands your attention and earns every bit of admiration it gets. This isn't just any red; it's a lavish, deep tone that leans into the luxury of burgundy without ever fully giving in. For the artists who know that excellence is a commitment, 'High Maintenance' delivers a red that's as sophisticated as it is demanding.

Perfect for those who master the art of detail and thrive on the finesse of finery, this color brings a lush depth to your designs, making each tattoo a high-class affair. Whether you're sketching out a full sleeve or adding accents that awe, 'High Maintenance' is your go-to for adding that touch of opulence and intrigue.

So, if you're ready to pamper your palette and treat your designs to some lavish hues, 'High Maintenance' is waiting to elevate your ink game. Let your needles dance with this rich, muted red, and watch as your art becomes the talk of the town—just be prepared to handle the fame!

*Keep in mind that individual perceptions of color may vary based on factors such as screen calibration and lighting conditions.