The Best Artist in South Korea using Quantum Tattoo Ink

Tattoo Style best known for:

Road Crew artist Hori Kaka, known on Instagram as @horikaka, is a traditional Japanese tattoo artist from Seoul, South Korea. He specializes in the traditional type of Irezumi, where he adopts modern technology and adheres to the principles of traditionalism. He adds sophisticated colors and details to the old-fashioned minimalist design in order to create bold, magnificent, colorful worls of art. You can find him working at the ‘Burning Black Tattoo’ studio or at various international conventions across the globe.

How they started Tattooing

Hori has been very interested in fashion and fashion design since he was young. He didn't like to wear clothes with the same design as others, so he used to design or alter his own clothes. He then discovered tattoos and he was very much attracted to being able to make designs that he wanted on his body and fill his body with tattoos one by one.

He decided to become a tattooist because he was convinced he should be the person to design on people's skin rather than clothes. Although he has been a tattooist for 17 years he still feels excited when he does new designs for his clients.

Why Hori Kaka Chose Quantum Tattoo Ink

We asked Hori why Quantum Tattoo Ink is his ink of choice.  “Quantum tattoo ink is a vegan ink, therefore it is a reliable ink in terms of stability, which has sparked my interest.

When I first used quantum tattoo ink, the most surprising thing was its rapid penetration power. I mainly do large-size work, the penetration rate of ink is very important. After I started using Quantum Tattoo Ink it has improved my work speed.

On the other hand, after my clients’ skin healed, I saw the clear bright colors that stay bright over time. This gave me confidence in Quantum Tattoo Ink, which is why I have no choice but to choose them!”