The Best Artist in Taiwan using Quantum Tattoo Ink

How they started Tattooing

Jeffery Fang, or @darkinkjeffryy_analog if you follow him on Instagram, got his first tattoo in high school and knew even then that he wanted to become a tattoo artist. He began his career over 7 years ago in Taiwan but has also studied in Melbourne, Australia.

How they started Tattooing

He started tattooing because of the simple reason, he loves to create art, and of course there are many creative medias to do so but he says, tattooing is the way to get the highest sense of accomplishment. He presents every customer’s idea in his own favorite way and he absolutely loves it and so do they.

Why Jeffrey Chose Quantum Tattoo Ink

Jeffery’s favorite combination of tattoo ink and cartridges are Quantum Original Bitchin Black tattoo ink with Quantum Cartridges. He uses the 03 Round Liner Long Taper 0.25 and 7, 9, or 13 magnum tattoo needle cartridges.