The Best Artist in the Netherlands using Quantum Tattoo Ink

How they started Tattooing

Juan Cordero, or as he is known on Instagram, @corderotattoo, has been tattooing snice he was just 15 years old! His first experience tattooing was as a teen in Venezuela. He stopped to watch another boy tattooing a friend using a homemade machine. The boy, who had seen Juan’s exceptional  artwork, said “come juan, grab the machine and start tattooing.” Juan says, “when I finished tattooing they were happy with the result and then another friend wanted to get a tattoo and then another…” and he has not stopped tattooing since.

Tattoo Style best known for:

Juan currently lives in Den Haag, Netherlands and works at Stamen Tattoo. He is known for his work in both black and gray and color realism. Rarely, do you see a tattoo artist under 40 with over 23 years of experience! He believes that this sets him apart and says, “I like perfection and that is achieved with many years of experience!”

Why Juan Chose Quantum Tattoo Ink

Juan had never used Quantum Tattoo Inks until he attended the 2023 Rotterdam and found himself out of a few colors of ink. He walked up to the Quantum booth and bought some ink. In his own words, he was sold on Quantum that moment because “after tattooing I saw and experienced the quality, the consistency, and the beauty that pigmented the skin.” Those colors he bought helped him earn 2nd Place for Best Color! He has been part of the Quantum Road Crew ever since.