The Best Artist in Austria using Quantum Tattoo Ink

Steve Foster tattoo artist

Throughout his career, Steve Foster has been known by a few different nicknames including “Steve Skinelectrics.”  However, none is more apt than his current Instagram handle, @thecovernator because of his outstanding ability with tattoo coverup techniques.  A seasoned professional, Steve started tattooing over 20 years ago.  He is the proud owner of one of the best tattoo studios in Vienna, Austria, The Penetration Incorporation.  Foster can also be seen at guest spots Dark Grey Tattoo Studios in Essen, Germany. 

Steve Foster tattoo ink

Steve joined the Quantum Road Crew in 2015 because he had tried a ton of tattoo ink brands and was not satisfied with the results they provided.  He was searching for something stable and reliable and wanted to work with a manufacturer who listened directly to the artist’s feedback and kept their needs in mind when developing products.   

Steve Foster tattoo ink

Why Steve Chose Quantum Tattoo Ink

Steve explains why he has loved Quantum Tattoo Inks since the first day he tried them, “The wide range and quality of the color palette kept me going with Quantum from that day on and I don’t lie if I say I was never even tempted to try or switch to another brand! My work is aging great and as I‘m not a big fan of photo manipulations and editing I have plenty of pictures that display the natural appearance of up to 7 year old pieces done with nothing but Quantum Tattoo Ink. I never had better results in my whole career! Back in time, I had to use certain colors of different brands to get a palette of colors for decent results. Since Quantum I have a full round up solution that is 100% satisfying. “

Steve Foster tattoo ink