Are there any notable characteristics or unique selling points of Quantum purple tattoo inks compared to other brands?

Yes! Here are the notable characteristics that make Quantum purple tattoo inks exceptionally good compared to the competition:

  • Vegan tattoo ink: Quantum's tattoo inks are formulated to be vegan, meaning they do not contain animal-derived ingredients. This appeals to tattoo artists who prioritize using products that align with their vegan lifestyle or cater to clients with vegan preferences.
  • Cruelty-free tattoo ink: Quantum's tattoo inks are cruelty-free, and not tested on animals. This aspect resonates with tattoo artists who value ethical practices and seek products that are produced without animal testing.
  • Organic tattoo ink: Quantum offers organic tattoo inks made with natural and organic ingredients. These inks appeal to artists and clients who prefer using organic products and are conscious of minimizing their exposure to synthetic or chemical substances.
  • Ink for tattoos without acrylic: Quantum's tattoo inks are formulated without acrylic. This can be advantageous for artists who prefer inks that do not contain acrylic-based components, whether due to personal preference or specific client requests.
  • Kosher tattoo ink: Quantum's tattoo inks are certified kosher, meeting the requirements and standards of kosher food laws. This certification can be significant for tattoo artists who cater to clients with specific dietary or religious considerations.
  • Quantum takes pride in producing its tattoo inks in small batches, ensuring quality control and attention to detail. Tattoo artists appreciate this approach as it often indicates a higher level of craftsmanship and consistency in the ink's performance.
  • Laboratory tested for safety: Quantum's tattoo inks undergo rigorous laboratory testing to meet safety standards. Tattoo artists value this commitment to safety, as it gives them the confidence to use the inks on their clients' skin.
  • EU REACH Compliant tattoo ink: Quantum's tattoo inks comply with the regulations of the European Union's REACH framework. This compliance is essential for tattoo artists who work in the EU and prioritize using inks that meet EU standards.
  • Tattoo ink shipped to Europe from EU locations: Quantum's presence in the EU allows for convenient shipping and distribution of their tattoo inks within Europe. This benefits tattoo artists operating in European countries, giving them easier access to Quantum's products without international shipping complexities.

These factors contribute to the appeal of Quantum's tattoo inks among tattoo artists, offering a range of options that align with their values, preferences, and the standards they uphold in their artistic practice.


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