Learn More About Our REACH Approved Colors

Learn More About Our REACH Approved Colors

Mar 29th 2022

Throughout the tattoo industry in the European Union, the most popular topic of conversation and debate has been the new  REACH regulations for tattoo inks that became effective earlier this year. The regulations put a ban on many chemicals contained in the pigments that the tattoo manufacturing industry has used worldwide for years. These regulations have created the need for ink manufacturers to at the very least register the formula for each individual color of tattoo ink and in many cases, to entirely reformulate their products using new pigments that comply with the regulations. Plus, they have had to redesign packaging and labels to comply with new stricter labeling regulations.

So how does that impact tattoo artists? The main impact to European tattoo artists has been shortages or delays in supplies because re-formulating, registering each ink, waiting for approval, and changing labeling and packaging takes a great deal of time and money.

The good news for tattoo artists in the EU is that Quantum Tattoo Ink now has over 75 REACH approved tattoo ink colors available with more colors in development! Make sure to browse our website for the  REACH Gold Label section! Keep reading to learn more about the REACH Approved tattoo inks that we have available in our Gold Label collection:

Reach Approved Black Tattoo Ink

What is probably the most exciting news about for the tattoo industry in Europe is that we have a wide variety of REACH compliant black tattoo ink to choose from. In fact, all of our black tattoo inks are now approved!

If you want a single multi-purpose black ink that powers through your tattoo from outlining to shading and even with solid blackwork, choose our most popular and versatile Bitchin Black. Choose our original black tattoo ink, Assphalt if you are looking for an ink that performs exceptionally for fill-in and solid blackwork. Sculpting Black is another great option for highly-pigmented jet-black fill-in. Our specialty ink for lining is Lining Black. It is formulated to wipe away easily enough to leave your stencil intactcreate but create great lines in a single stroke. Black Dynomite is 70% jet black pigment with just a hint of blue for that classic fade-to-blue look many clients seek out.

Reach Approved White Tattoo Ink

We are also pleased to announce that in addition to our black, all of our white tattoo inks are now REACH Approved as well. You can find the approved versions of the white inks you love under the Gold Label section of our website.

Our most popular and versatile pure concentrated opaque white pigment tattoo ink is Bitchin White. Keep it fresh with Douche for the brightest white. Choose Barry white if you are looking for something a little more opaque. Pay tribute to your favorite Golden Girl with Betty White. This slightly off-white tattoo ink has slight green and yellow undertones.

Reach Approved Color Tattoo Ink

In addition, we also have a selection of gorgeous vibrant REACH Approved color tattoo inks available. Find the REACH Gold Label section of our website for color options in  AquaBlueBrownGray, and  Green.

Reach Approved Gray Wash

If you are looking to work in black and gray and want to skip the mess of mixing, shop our REACH Approved gray wash options.Our classic Quantum Gray Wash is available in three different shades including Dark (200% black), Medium (100% black), and Light (50% black). Another option is our Revenge of the Sith Gray Wash. The four options include Sidious (200% black), Dooku (150% black), Maul (100% black), and Vader (50% black).

There is also exciting news for fans of the  Arron Raw Skull & Bones Gray Wash ! This entire line is also REACH Approved. This set has four Gray Wash shades to choose from including Dark (100% black), Medium (75% black), Light (50% black), and Ultra Light (25% black). Additional options include an opaque bright white tattoo ink called White Noise and two black tattoo inks. Reach for Black Tomb if you are looking for a lining black that will not fade to blue. On the other hand, for a deep intense black perfect for solid blackwork or fill-in, Black Death is the optimal choice.

REACH Approved Artist Series

Arron Raw is not the only artist that is in on the REACH Approved tattoo ink action! We also have options available from our collaboration with Jurgis Mikalauskas and Noa Yanni.

From the  Jurgis Mikalauskas Sailor’s Grave series, we have a few select bright, vivid colors including Deep Sea (muted aqua blue), Oyster Shell (dirty gray), and Tropical Waters (true cyan). We hope to have more of this series available soon.

We have a wider variety of options that are REACH Approved when it comes to the Noa Yanni series. The entire  Dark Matter collection, including two gray wash tones, several grays, two blacks, and a white. From the  Golden Wisdom   series we have a black and a white available.

REACH Approved Sea Shepherd Tattoo Ink

As our repeat customers know, all of our tattoo inks sold in Europe are vegan and cruelty-free. We have made sure to also get as many of our Sea Shepherd tattoo inks as possible REACH Approved for those who want to take their environmental and animal protection efforts to the next level.

For a great selection of cruelty-free and vegan black tattoo ink and gray wash, check out the Sea Shepherd  Gray Wash series. This collection includes four gray wash blends, a lining black, and a deep black for blackwork and fill-in. If you are looking for a variety of grays, check out the  Shark series. Plus, the Sea Shepherd Whalecollection currently offers several vibrant blues, greens, and grays to choose from.

For more information about our collaboration with Sea Shepherd and how your purchase of Sea Shepherd tattoo inks goes to help conservation efforts around the world, check out our  blog.

Get your REACH Approved tattoo ink today!

All of the colors mentioned above are available in convenient 1oz (30ml) bottles. If you want to give some of our colors a try for the first time, check out our smaller .68oz (20ml) bottles . Or buy big and save big with our 2oz (60ml) or 4oz (120ml) bottles available in some of our most popular colors.

With over 75 REACH approved colors, outstanding REACH Approved Mixing Solutions, and more coming soon, let Quantum Tattoo ink be your source for REACH Approved tattoo ink in Europe. Make sure to follow Quantum Tattoo Ink on social media for the latest news on additional REACH Approved colors.