The Best Artist in India using Quantum Tattoo Ink

Lokesh Verma, or as he is known on Instagram, @devilztattooz, is listed among the top 20 tattoo artists in the world on Google, the only tattoo artist in India on that list.  The chain of tattoo studios he founded in India, Devil’z Tattooz, are ranked as the best tattoo studios in India by numerous publications including GQ, Homegrown, SoDelhi, BodyartGuru, and more.  

When Lokesh is not touring the world attending conventions and working guest spots, he can also be found teaching the art of tattoo at Academia Tie Polo in Italy, the world’s first tattoo university.  More recently, Lokesh has taken his passion for outstanding tattooing to his new studio in Luxembourg.

Why Lokesh Chose Quantum Tattoo Ink

While Verma is a well-rounded tattoo artist proficient in a variety of styles, he is best known for his color portraits and work with color realism.  This makes the vibrant colors and extensive color palette Quantum Tattoo Inks offer a great match for his work.