The Best Artist in Taiwan using Quantum Tattoo Ink

Tattoo Style best known for:

Road Crew artist Slip Jay, or as he is known on Instagram, @slip_jay.80 is a ‘New School’ tattoo artist from Taichung City, Taiwan.  Here he is the proud owner of his own tattoo studio for which, he says, he still did not think of a name so he just uses his own.

How they started Tattooing

He started tattooing because of the simple reason, he loves to create art, and of course there are many creative medias to do so but he says, tattooing is the way to get the highest sense of accomplishment. He presents every customer’s idea in his own favorite way and he absolutely loves it and so do they.

Why Slip Jay Chose Quantum Tattoo Ink

We asked Slip Jay why Quantum Tattoo Ink is his ink of choice. He told us “Quantum Tattoo Ink’s thickness is moderate, there are many highly saturated colors which I like very much. The low saturation colors can be mixed but the bright colors I only use as primary colors and it just makes my work look as bad ass as it does!”