The Best Artist in Germany using Quantum Tattoo Ink

How they started Tattooing

Road Crew artist Salvatore Chindamo, who you may know as Salva or @salva.tattoos on Instagram, is the owner of Art Aguja Tattoo Studio in Leverkusen, Germany. 


Since he was a child, Salva has been passionate about painting.  In 2014,  his brother suggested that they get tattoo equipment because they were both very enthusiastic about tattooing.  The rest, as they say, is history.

More recently, Salva has been gaining notoriety for the entirely new style he developed and named “Rebel Renaissance.” This style features both solid blackwork using Bitchin Black and shading using dark and medium gray washes.  More recently, he has started to incorporate opaque grays like Plutonium and Long John Silver into his work.

Why Salvatore Chose Quantum Tattoo Ink

When we asked Salva why he uses Quantum, he replied, “I use Quantum out of conviction, I love the healed state of the colors. For me there is no other color than Quantum Tattoo Ink.”